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      Contact Us

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      Assistance with your ticket booking;

      For assistance with Saturday or Sunday tickets please contact:

      The Ticket Factory
      Phone: +44 (0) 844 338 8000
      or fill out the following Online form - https://public.mc.hostedcc.com/nec/forms/OnlineEmailForm

      For assistance with Thursday or Friday trade badges please contact:

      Email: asi-19@livebuzz.co.uk
      Tel: +44 (0) 843 178 1928

      The Team

      Andy Stewart – Sales Manager - andy.stewart@autosport.com 

      Chris Macaulay - Sales Executive - christopher.macaulay@motorsport.com 

      Tony Tobias - Head of Autosport Engineering - tony.tobias@autosport.com

      Mandy Cox - Operations Director - mandy.cox@autosport.com

      Katie Rix - Event Marketing Manager - katie.rix@motorsport.com

      Ricardo Bougi - Marketing Assistant - ricardo.bougi@motorsport.com

      Questions & Feedback

      We welcome all feedback, good or bad and take all comments into consideration when planning our shows.  We strive to deliver excellent customer service to all our customers, whether visitors or exhibitors.  If you do have a complaint or any feedback, please write to us at the address below.  We will endeavor to acknowledge your communication within 10 working days.

      A Motorsport Network Event

      Operations Enquiries

      If you are one of our exhibitors or suppliers and have a question relating to the operations side of the show then please contact our Operations Team on:

      Email: operations.team@autosport.com

      Please address all show feedback to:

      Autosport Media UK Ltd
      Autosport International
      1 Eton Street
      TW9 1AG

      Email: autosport.international@autosport.com

      Our show partners